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RE: 32bit vs 64bit EXT3

From: Aioanei Rares [mailto:debian.dev.list@gmail.com]
>>On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 8:36 AM, Adrian Levi <adrian.levi@gmail.com> wrote:

>>>2008/11/19 Stackpole, Chris <CStackpole@barbnet.com>:

>>> The system started life out as a 32bit etch install. Then later I did an upgrade to Lenny (~5 months ago) and it has been running smooth since.
>>> Since the drives were all formated as ext3 with a 32bit Etch install, should I expect any problems with the ext3 file system when I install a 64bit Lenny?

>>As far as I understand it filesystems aren't tied to a specific
>>processor type or architecture. You should be safe with whatever
>>choice you make.


>Yes, filesystems don't really care if you're on 32-bit or 64-bit, so I don't think you should



OK. I won’t. J


I was trying to read up on the subject as best as I could. From what I understand, most of what the 64bit format provides is bigger block sizes and a larger filesystem (+8TB). However, I only have drives in the hundreds of GB not in the TB range (I wish…but don’t we all). It is my understanding that 64bit carries full backwards compatibility, but I really wanted to verify first. So now all that is left is to give the upgrade a shot and see what happens.


Besides…I have backups. J


Thanks for your input guys!




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