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Re: Looking for SIMPLE MTA

On Sunday 16 November 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:

> On 11/16/08 13:42, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> > I'm looking for a simple MTA. I have some systems that can generate

> > email to users from programs like cron or mdadm and on at least 2

> > systems I currently have no MTA. I'd like to put on the simplest

> > MTA I can (and that includes simple to configure) that will accept

> > email from those programs and store it in the mail directory and

> > act as a POP3 server so my email program can get it from those

> > systems.

> > I've looked at ssmtp, but that forwards email, which means I'd

> > still need a mail server on at least one computer. Nullmailer

> > doesn't seem to do it and other programs either don't have POP3 or

> > look like a serious pain to configure.


> If this business doesn't already have a mail server, where does it's

> employees get their mail from? The ISP directly?

Fetchmail pulls it in to a server from the ISP. I thought about something like ssmtp that would send the email from each system to that server, but there are reasons I wanted to just pull it from each machine. I guess I could still change my mind on that one.

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