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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

> On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 06:02:24PM +0100, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Firefox (which, incidentally, is the same application I absolutely need a
>> mouse for)...
> one can emulate mouse in X using the numeric pad of the keyboard. Many
> years ago it was in "accessx", and then it got introduced in X proper,
> and I have lost the name of that application.

That's not an option either, because I remember "pointing" that way is
really cumbersome and since my main machine is a laptop, I don't have a
decent numpad anyway.

The real problem is that I have become too dependent on Firefox and all
those extensions I use on a daily basis. Some are pointless in a console
browser (Adblock, No Squint) but others have completely defined my way
of browsing the web (Sage, Tab Mix Plus). It is the only program where I
constantly have to resize the window (I *hate* reading lines longer than
~80 characters) and it's the only program which makes my laptop (1.3GHz
Pentium M, most of the time clocked down to 600MHz) feel slow. And I
have to give in that I actually like to view the occasional Youtube

I cannot even switch to a tiling window manager because of the line
length issue. My 14", 1024x768 display is just too narrow to have two
windows side-by-side and too wide to have Firefox running fullscreen.

I hate myself but have no clear idea why.
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