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Re: vi -- Turn off Line Number Colors and Screen Buffering

> > I don't want the editor to do whatever special screen buffer
> > swapping, or whatever it is, that prevents me from scrolling back in
> > my terminal history when the editor is open, and then clears away
> > the screen and redisplays what was there before after the editor is
> > closed.
> This behaviour can be specified in vim though, by adding the following
> to ~/.vimrc:
> set t_ti= t_te= "Don't use alternate screen

Perfect.  Thanks.

> > the line numbers are colored, and I want to get rid of that
> hi LineNr ctermfg=lightgray "Or whatever colour

That works.  Ideally I'd like line numbers to automatically be whatever
color everything else is, but this is an improvement.

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