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Re: tardy sarge to etch upgrade proceedure

Mark Copper <mcopper@titaninterface.com>:
>  I, ahem, need to upgrade oldstable to stable, but I cannot update my
>  current oldstable system, no longer supported as it is.  How important is 
>  it to do that before upgrading?

Thanks for asking the questions, because the resultant answers were

But Geez, man, point some bucks at a competent consultant, and you
wouldn't be in this mess.  He could keep you up to date with an hour /
mo.  Stockholders shouldn't be getting ALL the profits, damnit!  IT
demands maintenance to continue to perform as expected.  You should
know that.

For my $CLIENT, I'm currently updating a critical ksh program which
hasn't been touched since it was implemented, fourteen years ago.  It's
hell, and it needn't be!

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