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Re: Etch - Netinst - Asus laptop - Problem

lmhelp wrote:

>> I would suggest that you simply download the netinst CD ROM, burn it on
>> CD and try installation with it.
> Would you please be so very kind to tell me where to find the image
> to burn on the Debian website so that I do not make another mistake?
>> I think the problem you have now is that you have downloaded just the
>> boot part of the kernel but not the rest of the drivers, though I'm not
>> quite sure.
> Strange, isn't it?
> Regards,
> --
> Lmhelp

You can go there and follow the links


pay attention to testing and select your nearest location.
Alternatively go to

select your archtecture i383/, amd64/ etc.

I would take this one


But if you are in hurry you can also try the buziness card CD


I hope this helps


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