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Re: Etch - Netinst - Asus laptop - Problem

lmhelp wrote:

> Hi,
> Thank you for answering so fast.
> Unfortunately, installing Debian is an "extra" for me
> (I do it when I have some free time) and I am presently
> overwhelmed with work. I cannot handle the problem
> right now.
>> Which kernel are you booting with?
> I can't tell you that right now ; the one which comes with:
> "http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/netboot.tar.gz";.
>> Try lenny for laptops. I think the linux version there has
>> support for this card, though not quite sure.
> How can it be checked?

when you boot switch to console and do 'uname -a'

I am not sure what kernel they use for booting. I think some generic version
but is it 2.4 or 2.6 I don't know.

>> alternatively you can install into directory with debootstrap
>> as described here:
>> http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/426
>> update your installation with chrooting into it and add the
>> driver you need.
> Ok, I can see it's not trivial.

It's easier at least for me to install this way, because you can fix also
problems before or after booting.
Just download a lenny LiveCD and find out how it works on your pc. If happy
install. The install can be customized by mounting your target partition
following the instructions from the link above.

>> I prefer installing into a directory.
> I really do not understand what you refer to here...

Means I have a working debian system (as you also have, because you write
about setting up tftp server on your second debian machine). So create
there a directory somewhere i.e. 
mkdir ~/debian-lenny

or mount your target partition somewhere (usb or NFS)

mount <target> ~/debian-lenny

and use debootstrap to install into this directory.

Find a kernel or compile your self one that supports your card and install
into this directory (consult a different howto for this part)

Alternatively you can install the base system from the CD download or
compile kernel with support for your card and install it from CD or USB and
reboot into the new kernel.

Your problem is, as stated before, that may be the installer (especially for
etch) is older and does not support the internet card you have.

I would recommend as the most easy way to download live lenny cd and give it
a try. If it works install. This should be most easy to do.


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