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Re: Etch - Netinst - Asus laptop - Problem

lmhelp wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Thank you for reading my post.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have recently purchased a laptop (Asus M51Vseries).
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> CDROM installation attempt
> --------------------------
> I have tried to install "Debian Etch" on it, using a cdrom I
> burnt from an ISO image fetched on the Debian website.
> (It is not the first time I do that an usually it work).
> The system booted properly on the CDROM but the
> installation process "failed" to "recognize" the CD ROM
> > 
> Can you help me please solve that problem?
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Lmhelp

this means driver for the card is not loaded, provided or working properly.
Which kernel are you booting with?

Try lenny for laptops. I think the linux version there has support for this
card, though not quite sure.

alternatively you can install into directory with debootstrap as described
update your installation with chrooting into it and add the driver you need.

you can do this also with the image booting from tftp, though this is 
pretty long way around. In this case I would just replace the linux kernel
and modules in the netinst image with a version that has support for your

I prefer installing into a directory, and if you take lenny you'll be more
satisfied, at least that's what I'm doing with my dell notebook.


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