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Re: friend cannot see me on msn

Andreas Berglund wrote:
> Hi!
> I just added a friend of mine on msn. I can see her and I can send
> messages to her but when I'm online it looks to her like I'm offline and
> none of her messages reach me. She tried to send an invitation to me
> several times but none of them reached me. I have no idea where to even
> begin looking so any help would be very much appreciated.
> The client I'm using is kopete 0.12.3, I don't know what client my
> friend uses but if you need to know I can ask her and I'd be happy to
> provide any other information that might be relevant.
> regards
> Andreas Berglund

Well, I would try to actually find a Windows computer, log in to my MSN
account, deal with all the pending invitations and then try logging in
to kopete. I have a strong hunch that this will give you the complete
list of contacts in kopete. I know this is not pretty, but I recall
having to do this to sort out similar problems.

Best of luck.


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