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Debian Installation Impossible on SATA HDD

Hi all,

i'm new here and english is not my native language.
I hope to find some help about an unsolved issue concerning the impossible
installation of Debian on SATA hard disk.
I'm trying to install linux Debian 4,0 (Etch Stable distrib) on my new hard
disk SATA and more precisely on a partition of 200Gio.

Here some details of my HDD:
-Manufacturer: Western Digital
Type: Barracuda
-capacity: 500Gio
-Partions: 4 (Debian, Mandriva, Swap, Data)

The Debian installation is impossible from a bootable DVD, network
(Netinst), live cd...I've re-downloaded an iso image from the official ftp
web site and same result.
During installation, language can be choosen, network interface is
recognized and configured but IS STOPPED at hard disk detection and
partitionning step.
Indeed, my SATA hard disk is not detected/recognized and consequently
installation fails. Installer propose a list of "driver" to select but no
one is working in my case. I've contacted Western Digital but they cannot
solve my problem.

PS: With tis HDD SATA, installation was successfull with Mandriva2008,
Ubuntu 8,0. But NOT DEBIAN????

Please, could you help me to fix this issue?


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