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Re: Need help installing ndiswrapper

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 04:14:17 -0400, alan hutchinson wrote:
> I also am having difficulty installing ndiswrapper I don't no where to
> start,I thought that by useing synaptic package manager it would be a breeze
> but evidently not I am useing Debian Lenny beta 2 i386 with kernel 2.624
> 1686 also I am trying to install network everywhere 2.4 GHz wireless usb
> adapter,if some one could pleas help me ,
> thanks in advance.

Try this:


If you run into problems, post the details here (including verbatim
error messages). You can use synaptic to install the necessary packages
(the instructions in the wiki use the apt-get command) but then you have
to quit synaptic, open a terminal, become root and run the m-a
(module-assistant) commands as they are given in the wiki. ("m-a" is
simply a convenient abbreviation for "module-assistant"; they both start
the same program.)

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