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Odd Backspace behavior in vim

Hello people,

yes, I've done my Google homework. Yes, everybody seems to solve this
problem using "set backspace=eol,start,indent" and "set fixdel".
However, it doesn't work in xterms on this machine: Whenever I hit
backspace, the character to the right of the current cursor position
gets deleted. 

Of course this is something one could get used to, but I'm using vim not
only in xterms but also in the text console and in cygwin on another
machine, and in all of these, backspace deletes to the left. Needless to
say that it works fine in all other apps as well, and, most puzzling,
even in vim's very own command-line editor. Just not in the text window.

I don't get it. I really don't.

BTW, it also worked fine before I stopped using "screen". I stopped
using screen because I didn't really feel I needed it, and because the
Xterm mouse support in vim, which I like, wasn't supported.

Any tips?


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