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Re: Kernel installation BORKED! -- FIXED

On Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 11:43:12AM -0400, imcrystalguard@netscape.net wrote:
> >And what do dpkg and aptitude think now?  
> They still showed the file, it wasn't forgotten as the previous reply stated
> it would be. For some reason, it did finally go ahead and get through the
> installation. Not sure what file needed it's head examined.

One of the postinst or postrm scripts, I'll wager.  Sometimes if a script
like that fails to exit gracefully on failure, it'll hang the system.  I
wasn't entirely correct in the original statement about dpkg forgetting the
package.  It merely forgot about the routine that was hanging it up, and
allowed processes to otherwise complete - unsticking the system.

> >Also, why do you think make-kpkg called
> >mkinitramfs?  Maybe a switch left on in the kernel .config?
> Well, I'm not sure and I don't have the time to dig, but I would guess the
> version of initramfs-tools that was installed tried to run regardless of
> whether it needed to or not.
Hmm.  I just saw a strange thing on another Linux when compiling a
non-initramfs 2.6.26 kernel.  When I left the initramfs switch on in the
config, the resulting binary was looking for an initramfs on boot, and
refused to go to the on-disc root fs.  Why I asked...

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