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Re: config

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 01:21:18PM +0100, abdelkader belahcene wrote:
> Hi,
> I 've just install Linuxmint  close to ubuntu, (I know this is not pure
> debian, the question is general)
> I tried to configure the epson printer 6200, (on paralelle port), it is
> detected, it seems running correctly;, but when I send the test page nothind
> is printer. I used cups thru the web localhost::631, I do it again with the
> admin printer in elyssa menu(XFCE), same problem.
> I used from line command
> lpr file

Try using the command

lp file

> It is sent, since lpq gave nothing in queue, but noting on printer
> Where is the file ? not in queue , not on printer ??
> thanks for help
> best regard
> bela

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