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Re: partitions

Mark Grieveson wrote:

Thanks for this detailed response.  And thanks to others for their
feedback.  At some point in the future, I'm going to give this a try.
I should get a larger, and/or additional hard-drive first, though,
for backups.  In browsing the available list of packages, I saw the
package backup-manager, which looks good for making the required backup

BTW, the first time you boot after adding the new disc and moving
/home, and modifying the entries in /etc/fstab, the system will
want to do an extended fsck on your new file system. So, your
first boot after modifying /etc/fstab may look "hung" when
it tries to do the first mount, and you may see it simply sitting
there with the disc going crazy for several minutes. Don't panic!
It's just doing its thing during normal mount. The next time
you reboot, it shouldn't do that.

Also, you may get a notice about your system not going down "cleanly"
if you shutdown when your root system is mounted read only. That's
not a problem, it just means that the system was unable to delete
the indicator file (I forget its name) because the file system
was in a read only state.

I think it may be


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