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Re: partitions

Mark Grieveson wrote:

Thanks for this detailed response.  And thanks to others for their
feedback.  At some point in the future, I'm going to give this a try.
I should get a larger, and/or additional hard-drive first, though,
for backups.  In browsing the available list of packages, I saw the
package backup-manager, which looks good for making the required backup

Pardon, but having a second disc at the same location is
not provision for backup. It may be useful, but it is not
backup. If you have a lightning strike which takes out
your power supply and fries your disc, it'll likely fry
all your discs. If you have a flood, or a fire, you'll
lose all your discs.

Proper backup requires off site storage.

I'm not trying to discourage you from adding more disc
for making redundant local copies. I do, however, want
to encourage you to develop a real backup plan. Having
good useful backups is not an onerous or even all that
time consuming a task, unless you have enormous amounts
of data.

Simply having a second disc may be adequate for your
present needs, regarding just moving /home off onto another

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