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Re: NVidia - blanking problems

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 08/19/08 13:03, Rob Gom wrote:
On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
Maybe there's a bug in kscreensaver?

Unfortunately not ... When I lock my screen manually and press a key
in a few seconds, unlock message appears correctly. On the other hand,
when my screen goes blank and I do ctrl-alt- sequence, my screen is
not locked.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

None from me, sorry. I use a relatively modern nvidia binary directly from NVIDIA, and GNOME. It's never given me any such problems.

The OP mentioned "Kernel and nvidia are official Debian packages."

I had similar problems with my desktop at work, running Debian, and my personal laptop, running Ubuntu 64 bit. I do not recall the Ubuntu supported Nvidia driver version.

I recently downloaded the latest Nvidia proprietary driver for both systems from their site. For the x86 32 bit work system, it was version 173.14.05.

This latest version from Nvidia has fixed all issues I've had with display corruption, on my work system.

Whatever the actual version for the 64 bit environment may be, it also fixed the problems on the laptop.

Bottom line, you may need to move from the "official and supported" version to the latest available from Nvidia directly.

The downside is that any update to the kernel or to some X libraries will force you to have to rerun the Nvidia installer to build a new driver for the new environment.

You'll learn when you need to do this fairly easily.  X will not start.

Bob McGowan

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