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Re: Problems getting Etch in France

> I don't know if the netinstall cd would do. Does it use the same installer, as
> on the 1st i386 cd for Etch?

I am pretty sure it is exactly the same, but it grabs installation
packages from the internet instead of from the local CD/DVDs.
Also, I wasn't sure whether you had tried passing the "acpi=off"
parameter to installation bootloaders, or just to the bootloaders on
your hard disk after installation.

I've had some issues with certain motherboards not even booting off of
installation CD/DVDs unless I pass something like "acpi=off noapic" to
the boot options.

So, if the boot prompt for some installation CD is is "boot: "  you
usually just type "linux acpi=off noapic" or "vmlinuz acpi=off noapic"
or something along those lines.

As for the other issues you have had, such as with KDM working/not
working and the runlevels failing, they seem erratic, which many times
can be hardware-related.  What kind of processor do you have?  Have
you run memtest on your memory?  Have you tested your hard disk to
make sure it doesn't have bad blocks or other errors?


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