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Re: [OT] Incredible world-wide transportation network

* Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> [2008 Jul 17 19:55 -0500]:
> Nate Bargmann wrote:
>> I recall there was Desqview X out about that time.  I'm not sure if it
>> had much to do with the X we now know and love.
> Yes, it did.  It really wasn't Desqview at all, it was a program to turn
> you PC into an X terminal.  I think it flopped as a product.

I suppose, then, that it required a host running X programs to display
on the PC based terminal much (or exactly) like remote X clients now. 
I guess they figured "cheap" PC hardware would make a good X terminal.

> And when Win 3.0 came out, Desqview was dead, dead, dead.  R.I.P.

I was running a VGA monitor and card at the time and it took me some
time to get used to the idea of "windows".  I still prefered a full
screen DOS program even though Desqview handled them quite well as I
recall.  At least as well as a PC XT clone could handle running two or
more programs at once.

I bought an "upgrade" copy of Win 3.1 in '93--fifteen years ago,
wow--and slowly aclimated to the idea of mutliple windows on the screen
which are now second nature, of course.  I guess the pretty colors and
"fancy" graphics made it somewhat appealing.

The Free Software desktop is a true culmination of all those that have
gone before.

- Nate >>


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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