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Re: [OT] Incredible world-wide transportation network

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [2008 Jul 15 21:21 -0500]:
>> In 1990?  Seems like it would have been a close-out deal.
> I bought it from a friend at the tech school I was attending.
>>> That computer served me very well for several years.
>> Leading Edge D?
> Nope.  No name assemblage of pieces and parts.  The main board was a
> DTK, the rest had various pedigrees such as a Hercules monochrome video
> board, IBM 88 key keyboard, IBM 62.5 Watt PS that I had to upgrade to a
> 150 Watt soon after buying the drive, Amdek amber monitor.  It did have
> 640k of RAM and dual 360k floppies when I bought it in 1989.
All this talk has be wanting to get my 286 going.. Really need to sort
out some Minix install media.


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