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Re: Create single PDF out of several other files

Dotan Cohen escreveu:
I have a user who processes documents from other people. In Windows
she would select 20+ documents (all of the same type, usually pdf, gs,
or word files) and make a single PDF document out of them. She could
then easily take that PDF with her and print it at the job. I believe
that she was using Adobe Acrobat for this, but I'm not sure. How can
this be accomplished in Debian? We use the KDE desktop, so if there is
a KDE-based solution that I don't know about, I'd like to know about
it. Thanks in advance.

If the files are all PDF, then pdftk can easily join them in another PDF. For Postscript, they can easily be converted to PDF and then joined.

I believe there was a KDE extension that allowed some pdftk operations in an "easy" graphical way. But I do not remember in which package it was.

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