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Fast PDF File Viewing

I tried searching the mailing list archives as well as google for this
but did not find any concrete answer.

Here at work they have allowed me to use Linux ;) . Anyways,
I am using debian exclusively and try to use Free Software applications
wherever I can. Based on my research the fastest PDF viewer out there
is xpdf. Right now it is performing fast, but when viewing large PDF
files (generated from AUTOCAD drawings), panning/scrolling through the
document takes a long time.

In comparison to a colleague's acrobat reader on windows, his acrobat
reader performs a lot faster.

After doing some research, I decided to try to compile the latest the
XPDF from source (3.02, the one I have is from etch repos @ ver 3.01).
Based on the new features/bug fixed list, there are a lot of changes
that help fix the performance issue described above. However, I can
never get it compiled in etch, the freetype libraries can never be

Anyways, does anyone have any ideas regarding this? Any experiences in
fast PDF viewing?


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