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Re: Sound Problems (Sound is Often Gone)

On Monday 14 July 2008, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
> 2008/7/13 Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com>:
> > On Sunday 13 July 2008, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
> >> 2008/7/13 Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com>:
> >> > I'm using Kubuntu, but not the latest version, the one before it
> >> > (Gutsy, I think) and KDE 3.5.8 and have been using OSS.
> >>
> >> Are you aware that Ubuntu and Debian are not the same distribution
> >> and you should be asking in the Ubuntu mailing lists or forums
> >> instead of here?
> >
> > Are you aware that many parts are the same
> And many are not, particularly in the core distribution.

But yet I've gotten a number of helpful responses from others on the 
list with ideas I'm checking out.

> > and that I'm not the first to
> > ask about issues in Ubuntu here and that many Ubuntu users have
> > gotten quite a bit of help here?
> Great, so you and all those others are offtopic.

Have you been reading this list long and seen the wide range of topics 
on this list?  There have even been discussions on whether Ubuntu 
questions are off topic here or not.  This list has a wide range of 
topics and is almost never ruled by anything other than anarchy.

> > Are you aware that many DDs are also working on Ubuntu and that
> > many of us use both Debian and Ubuntu and there's a lot of
> > crossover between the two distros?
> Ubuntu is offtopic on this list. I'm sure many DDs also use other
> distributions, perhaps not even Debian-based. That doesn't make those
> distributions ontopic.

I didn't say *use*.  I said many DDs *WORK ON*, as in they get paid to 
do work on Ubuntu.  In other words, there are many people that work as 
devs for both distros. 

> > So, having gotten that out of the way, are you aware you could have
> > posted something helpful instead of playing gatekeeper?
> I am not happy you are wasting bandwidth with offtopic queries for
> which I cannot help since you are not using the same Debian I am.

You are not the only person on this list who can help people.  Notice 
I've gotten a number of helpful responses.

> Unless the Debian mailing list admins, if there are any, grant that
> Ubuntu queries are ontopic on this list, you are not going to win
> this argument. Take your web traffic to the relevant place.

List admins telling us what can and can't be posted here?  Okay, I 
didn't realize you're new here and thought someone actually told people 
what to post.

> I tried to initially be friendly about this. I honestly thought you
> were confused about the relationship between Debian and Ubuntu, but
> you are not, and your are still willfully misusing Debian resources.

You're trying to be friendly about enforcing your view of what should 
and should not be posted.  You're concerned about bandwidth but you've 
already wasted more than my post did.


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