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RE: Using apt to install only one package

>What is the correct syntax to ensure that when I am wanting to install 
>the nVidia driver from Sid I limit it to *only* the package(s) I am 
>seeking rather than everything else that apt wants me to install? I've 
>spent the last 1/2 hour or Googling this and I can't find an answer. 
>Perhaps my search string is incorrect, but even so if anyone is able to

>assist me, that would be great.

To install a single package just use `apt-get install package`. If it is
telling you that you need to install more packages then just that one,
it is because there are dependency issues. Apt is trying to protect you
from problems by auto-installing the dependencies. 

If you absolutely know that you can install just that package alone
without breaking things, then you can also download the deb package
using wget or your browser and install via dpkg with `dpkg -i
package.deb`. However, even that has fail-safes built into it so it may
not work without the dependencies either.

I hope that answers your question. If not, please tell me what I missed.

Have fun!
Chris Stackpole

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