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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

On Monday 14 July 2008 02:11:38 pm Steven Maddox (Cyorxamp) wrote:
> > What you are proposing is that packages move from Unstable, to a Testing
> > alpha package, then to Testing which would be the basis of the RC's, and
> > then onward to Stable.
> To be blunt... -Fail-
> That is not what I have suggested what so ever in any way shape or form.
> I could re-explain but I won't... you just wasted 8 reading paragraphs
> of my life listening to you arguing against a suggestion I didn't make.
> Please re-read what I suggested in my -original- message and not the one
> with the highlights for the other person that totally misunderstood the
> purpose of original message.
> Steven


I have re-read it, please check for comprehension: 
>My suggestion however is 
>this...  In the process of lenny being created it can't possibly go from 
>0% done straight to 100% done.  If we had Alpha releases, say 
>'lenny-alpha1' release at a point where there's no major 
>block/crash-like problems being caused then people could download that 
>milestone release.  'lenny-alpha1' could then not update until 
>'lenny-alpha2' is released...

I asked this question:

>I thought you said an alpha release.  That is testing.  I am not a developer 
>and I don't use testing, I use Sid.  In my eight years with Debian, testing 
>seems a dangerous place to be.  How do you propose to move packages into or 
>maintain this pre-stable version?  What criteria?  This seems like Testing to 
>me.  No bugs reported >>testing, after some time, freeze, repair/fix bugs 
> >>stable.  On this point, I am not being argumentative, I just don't see 
>one more step will do, or how do you talk volunteers into more work?

Having re-read your posting, I still don't see your point?  You have yet to 
get a response to my clarifying question.  There are bugs in testing, but 
those bugs are found AFTER they move into testing.  Testing is cleaned up as 
times moves on and the devs get on it, both upstream and in Debain.  The 
freeze is announced, six months, a year later all bugs are cleared up, stable 
is released.  AS I understand your point:  No bugs effecting operations are 
found, release testing-alpha-1.  This is a faulty argument.  Bugs are NOT 
fixed in testing when they are found.  Bugs are fixed in testing as the devs 
have the ability and time.  Alpha means pre-release, pre-user-testing (RC 
Candidate) release.  That is the definition of testing.  Again, I am not 
trying to insult you are argue, I just don't see HOW to do what you suggest 
and I am open to hearing HOW we can do this.  Keep in mind, what we think 
does not matter, the maintainers have to be convinced.

Damon L. Chesser

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