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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
to add to this... it sounds like OP is asking for known good snapshots
of lenny to be tagged somehow and frozen until the next known good
snapshot comes along. Okay, it's an interesting idea..
You're the first person to truly grasp what I was trying to say, I'm sorry folks if it was confusing but to me it really didn't read back as confusing.
1) who determines what constitutes a known-good snapshot?
No idea, what do you think?  Seriously I don't know.
2) and which of the roughly 18000 packages are to be included in the
3)does that mean that the entire repo is duplicated at that point in
time? that adds roughly 25% of the current repo size for every
snapshot that is kept around
Hopefully the repo doesn't need to be duplicated... I was thinking there might be a way of informing the preinstalled apt from the Alpha ISO cd that it should ignore updates until just a flag is raised. Thus you don't need another repository.
4) security updates? the security team has enough to do already, you
don't seriously think its a good idea to "freeze" a potentially
bug-ridden pre-release set of packages without security support, do
It's Alpha... so yes you freeze it and face the risks...
5) if security support is provided for alpha snapshots, is security
expected to backport fixes to the latest alpha snapshot even if
testing has moved on to another later version but hasn't yet kicked
out a new snapshot yet?
It wouldn't be supported.
it's a complicated thing that OP proposes, I think. ISTM that it's
much easier to realize that testing is a "moving target" alpha
release (complete with security support, BTW) and the RC's are beta
Nope, its not complicated now you have those answers I hope :D


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