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RE: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

>To be blunt... -Fail-
>That is not what I have suggested what so ever in any way shape or
>I could re-explain but I won't... you just wasted 8 reading paragraphs 
>of my life listening to you arguing against a suggestion I didn't make.
>Please re-read what I suggested in my -original- message and not the
>with the highlights for the other person that totally misunderstood the

>purpose of original message.

OK. I will. I quote from your original email:

"If we had Alpha releases, say 'lenny-alpha1' release at a point where
there's no major block/crash-like problems being caused then people
could download that milestone release.  'lenny-alpha1' could then not
update until 'lenny-alpha2' is released"

Sounds like you want to have pre-stable release to me. It's called a
Release Candidate.

I still see no reason to have separate releases or stages within
testing. I think it is more trouble then it is worth for the developers.

Chris Stackpole

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