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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

* Steven Maddox (Cyorxamp) <s.maddox@cyorxamp.info> [2008 Jul 14 09:05 -0500]:

> First of all I want to bring up the idea of a FSF Debian GNU/Linux,  
> everyone I have spoken to on IRC so far are in support of this idea so I  
> thought I'd outline it here so that theres a record of it.

I believe that if you delve into the history of Debian, you will find
that at one time it was a part of GNU or at least had a very close
relationship with GNU.  Each went their seperate ways for some reason. 
A bit of research may reveal that each project has its own aim and do
not always agree on the definition of "freedom" or where the freedom
should exist or who (developer or user) should be the primary

> Ubuntu being used as a 'base' for new operating 
> systems (I can name many now, see wikipedia), or even as a 'Server OS' 
> (are they Microsoft or what?) is a threat to what Debian is renounced for 
> and could (one day) make us potentially defunct.

Sorry to be pedantic, but perhaps you meant "renowned" which is
synonymous with "famous".

I doubt that a rant about a dire future prediction will result in the
two projects joining--there are enough differences in philosophy on
both sides to keep it from happening.  Besides, if the GNU people
wanted their own "pure" version of Debian, they've had on the order of
15 years or so to create it.  That they've not bothered to do so says

To quote or paraphrase a signature I've seen around here, "What you are
proposing to do will inolve a lot of time and hassle for no tangible

For the nearly nine years I've been involved with the Debian community,
someone, somewhere, has been sounding an alarm about the imminent
demise of Debian.  Yet, we're still here.

- Nate >>


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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