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Re: Building an i386 kernel on amd64 host with make-kpkg

On Sat Jul 12, 2008 at 04:12:56 -0000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:

> >I just needed to add that "--cross-compile -" argument and it worked.
> I spoke too soon. It does not quite work. It builds an amd64 arch
> package, so I cannot install it on an i386 arch.

   I use this:

   setarch i386 make-kpkg --initrd --arch=i386 --revision $revision binary

  That correctly builds an i386 package even on my AMD64 machines.
 (Note setarch doesn't seem to be available in the util-linux package
 for Etch, so you need to backport it.)

  I hope that helps.

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