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Re: Building an i386 kernel on amd64 host with make-kpkg

Steve Kemp <skx@debian.org> writes:

>On Sat Jul 12, 2008 at 04:12:56 -0000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:

>> >I just needed to add that "--cross-compile -" argument and it worked.
>> I spoke too soon. It does not quite work. It builds an amd64 arch
>> package, so I cannot install it on an i386 arch.

>   I use this:

>   setarch i386 make-kpkg --initrd --arch=i386 --revision $revision binary

Thanks for that info, Steve. However I still cannot get it to work.

When I run make-kpkg with the --arch parameter, it seems to always try
to use a cross-compiler - i486-linux-gnu-gcc (or something like that -
I've forgotten exactly and its scrolled off the screen now). This
happens whether I prefix make-kpkg with "setarch i386" or "linux32" or

If I supply the argument "--cross-compiler -" it uses the correct
compiler but always builds a package for the host arch not the target

I got around it by hacking make-kpkg itself. It seems if you specify
--arch, it will build a deb for the target arch, but only if you dont
specify "--cross-compiler -". I remove the check for that, and now it
works fine.

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