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Re: Linksys Router

Paul Johnson wrote:

I just had a look at the features and the demos (flash videos). Looks pretty nifty. That access restrictions feature of listing the exceptions (IP or Mac) is a feature that I think is not in dd-wrt.

Actually, it is in DD-WRT, check in the Security tab.  Plus I believe

I did, didn't find what I was looking for. Perhaps I wasn't clear. The problem is quite simple (no arguments about the objective's merits though):
Allow only a few selected macs to access the internet and block all others.

Please let me know how to do this in dd-wrt.

you can use iptables if you enable SSH, log into it and do it by hand.

Yup, that is always there (this is on dd-wrt micro, so SSH is out of the question). However, I am not the one that is really handling the router. I was asked for help and I would not want to suggest command line and shell scripts to that person.


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