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Re: Linksys Router

Mark Neidorff wrote:
Hi all,

A while ago I got a Linksys wrt54g router. I was going to put it into place,

What is the hardware version of this router? This will matter should you want to get the open source firmware.

then I noticed that the soft/firm-ware on it is open source linux based. After a bried search, I discovered that "openwrt" (also X-Wrt) is a replacement on the net for the default linksys software in the router.

Why would I want to replace the software in the router with openwrt/X-Wrt? What shortcomings in the router software are overcome with openwrt/X-Wrt? If I have the need to replace the software, is openwrt/X-Wrt the best replacement to use?

I think with this particular model, you may have to go for dd-wrt Micro firmware. These open source firmwares give you some additional features. One of the most important for me was the ability to fix an IP address for a LAN machine but via DHCP. You also get better wireless encryption options than the factory firmware. And one also gets QoS, port forwarding rules (limited only by available memory on the router as opposed to fix number available in the factory firmware), bandwidth monitoring and I guess in general the open source firmware is more robust than the factory one. However, the standard disclaimers apply: YMMV.

Finally, if you are not in need of these kind of additional features and are nervous playing around flashing a firmware that may void the router's warranty, you are maybe better off with the preinstalled firmware.


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