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Re: Linksys Router

Mark Neidorff:
> Why would I want to replace the software in the router with openwrt/X-Wrt?  

Because after flashing you have full access to all of the operating
system's features instead of what the original firmware's web interface
offers to you.  Essentially, you have a full-fledged linux system in
place which you can use for whatever purpose you like -- only hardware
restrictions apply.

For example, you can run a VPN server, write your own iptables rules,
configure the integrated switch to your liking (I have separate subnets
for wifi and wired LAN), run kismet and have better debugging facilities
in place (tcpdump, for example).

> If I have the need to replace the software, is openwrt/X-Wrt the best 
> replacement to use?

That depends heavily on whether you still want or need to use a
more or less comfortable web interface to configure your router. IIRC
X-Wrt contains a nice web GUI but OpenWrt does not (at least not by
default). You can still do everything you want when using SSH in both
cases, though.

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