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Re: Giving up on Iceweasel 3.0

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On 07/03/08 08:50, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 03 Jul 2008, David Goodenough wrote:
>> On Thursday 03 July 2008, Anthony Campbell wrote:
>>> Well, I struggled with iceweasel 3.0 from Sid for a week but have now
>>> given up. First, printing no longer worked (see earlier posts). I got it
>>> to work, sort of, by using inotifywait and printing the mozilla.ps file
>>> but it wasn't a good solution. Then I found I could no longer listent to
>>> the BBC: attempts to do so caused a crash. This makes it largely useless
>>> so far as I am concerned.
>>> So I've installed the version from Testing and propose to stay with that
>>> unless and until these bugs are fixed. I know there are said to be
>>> security issues with older versions of the browser but I shall have to
>>> hope for the best.
>>> Anthony
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>>> and sceptical articles)
>> Well that is very odd.  I have a sacrificial machine which I keep up to date
>> each morning - running unstable.
>> It has Iceweasel 3.0 installed, and I listen to Radios 4, 7 and the World 
>> Service using it without any problems.  
>> I have also just printed a page from it, and it worked perfectly. 
>> So I guess the problem must be your setup, either than or I am unusually
>> lucky.
>> David.
> I just reinstalled version 3.0 and this time the BBC was working, so I
> don't know why it was crashing previously - perhaps something had gone
> wrong with the original download.
> The printing problem remains. I think it is related to the fact that I
> don't use CUPS -- see the earlier posts about this. I am only offered
> the possibility to print to file. 

Have you tried installing xprint?

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