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application to maintain donors' account


Somebody I know in a small non-profit organization has asked me if can help them setup an small system which will do basic accounting. All they require is that:
1. it maintain a database of donors
2. it maintain what those donors donated
3. and be able to produce yearly concise report who donated what and also print out a receipt at the end of an year for tax purposes on the total amount donated by each donor.

I am not familiar with accounting stuff so I thought of throwing these requirements at some lists for suggestions. Some things that come to my mind are: make a small Web application using mysql to enter/edit donor's information. Or use gnucash in some way. Or use openoffice.org with main merge in some way to talk to an mysql database or to a OOo spread sheet. But I guess better knowledgeable people in this field will be able to direct me properly.


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