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Re: dvd and cd burning and ripping

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 02:36:19AM -0400, H.S. wrote:

>> - ripping a cd
> grip

Thanks, will try that.

>> - burning a cd
> k3b (does everything), or wodim for command line

Isn't k3b qt based (kde)?

>> - ripping a dvd
> Never did this really, but try dvdbackup. Further, try:
> $> apt-cache search rip dvd


>> - burning a dvd
> k3b. Or growisofs from command line

Will try the command line one since kde won't speak, perhaps I'll just
need to use a graphical app for this so better start searching.

> hmm .. we are ripping movies, eh? Okay, at risk of getting flamed,  

Well, it is legal, all dvds belong to me, and others are just other
people's home movies...
So, mostly for backing up on other disks and on my hard drive and as I
said home movies.
(and im just playing with this stuff for a bit of fun)

> unfortunately you probably will be better off doing this task on  
> Windows. I hear that Alchohol (or something) is pretty nifty.

I don't have or use windows, and I hope to get it working on linux,
since dvdbackup worked nicely, so hopefull there are burning tools just
as good.

>> disk? (So I can watch it on the dvd player on the tv?) 
>> I am blind, so I can only use gtk applications, eg. gnome ones and of
>> course command line stuff.
> Just curious, what about KDE applications?

No, qt isn't supported yet by a screenreader, so they aren't
accessible. (kde is qt)
I think qt accessibility will be nice though because a lot of apps are

Thanks for your help.


Daniel Dalton


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