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Preferred applications: IDE, text-editor, music player.

I know, it's a religious question and i'm bound to get replies of
different people telling me their choice is the best, but, why not...

The thing is i have a few requirements: i want applications that are
not desktop-dependant (i.e. Gnome or KDE) and do not rely upon Java.
This rules out a lot of text editors. For console, i use nano, for GUI
i'm using leafpad, any other suggestions?

The IDE part is a bit more tricky. Excluding Java kicks out NetBeans
and Eclipse. The basic fuctionality i search in an IDE is
syntax-highlight, code-completion, project-management and preferably
cross-platform and i18n support. Eclipse's C++ relied on make which
may be useful for linux but not as much for windows. Any IDE
supporting a GUI would be welcome; CodeDragon is at its early stage
and this poses the question: which toolkit to use?

At the most basic level i could use a regular graphical text-editor
with syntax-highlighting and search for the rest in the languages'
reference. Speaking of which, i intend to program mainly in C++ or
derivates. Code Crusader seemed cool except for the fact you have to
buy it...

I've bene using esperanza as a client for xmms2d but it doesn't
support random playing. In fact there doesn't seem to be than many
clients out there, is xmms2d that fresh?

Thanks for all the input.

Fica bem, porta-te mal.
Be well, misbehave.

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