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Re: Preferred applications: IDE, text-editor, music player.


On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, Nuno Magalhães wrote:

The thing is i have a few requirements: i want applications that are not desktop-dependant (i.e. Gnome or KDE) and do not rely upon Java. This rules out a lot of text editors. For console, i use nano, for GUI i'm using leafpad, any other suggestions?

I've gone to the extreme with desktop-independence. I use DWM as my window manager and have it tweaked such that unless I happen to have a browser or image/movie viewer open it looks just like the Linux console. The only window decorations is a one pixel wide border to show which window has focus, which I can toggle off/on. DWM can be completely controlled via the keyboard. I use the plain Jane console version of vim even when using it under X in a urxvt window.

The IDE part is a bit more tricky.

They're not too tricky if one gets the cables and jumper settings right. I've had good luck with both Maxtor and Western Digital IDE drives. :-)

Excluding Java kicks out NetBeans and Eclipse. The basic fuctionality i search in an IDE is syntax-highlight, code-completion, project-management and preferably cross-platform and i18n support. Eclipse's C++ relied on make which may be useful for linux but not as much for windows. Any IDE supporting a GUI would be welcome; CodeDragon is at its early stage and this poses the question: which toolkit to use?

Oh, that IDE.  :-)

I've never figured out the appeal of IDEs. Maybe it's because I cut my programming teeth learning Pascal on a VAX 11/750, running VMS, with VT-52 clone terminals. VMS's LSE, Language Sensitive Editor, has some nice built-in compile capabilities, but I don't think it was available on the 11/750 I used back then. I did try it on my VAXStation at home a while back.

For program development I use an editor, vim, to edit, a compiler, gcc, fpc, clip, etc., to compile(usually via a Makefile), and a revision control manager, git, for revision control.

I've bene using esperanza as a client for xmms2d but it doesn't support random playing. In fact there doesn't seem to be than many clients out there, is xmms2d that fresh?

When at the command line(which includes using urxvt under X windows) I use mpg123 ogg123, mplayer, etc., to play music. If I'm in the living room I play music from my PC on my TiVo thanks to pyTivo.

Bruceville, TX

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