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Re: usb camera for skype & etc.

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
On 18/06/2008, Bob <spam@homeurl.co.uk> wrote:
 I used Skype video conferencing yesterday and the quality was nowhere near
as good as SIP, though in all fairness it is a bit easier to setup.

Yuck, Skype. I've been earnestly looking for free alternatives.
wengophone was good before it was abandoned and forked off upstream;
I'm still hopeful, but right now it crashes and is not usable. Which
SIP have you been using? Ekiga? Something else I'm not aware of?

Ekiga under Linux, x-lite under windows & MacOSX, I'm seriously looking forward to Ekiga 3 when the 2 should meet with video.

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