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Re: Preferred applications: IDE, text-editor, music player.

On Wednesday 18 Jun 2008, Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> I know, it's a religious question and i'm bound to get replies of
> different people telling me their choice is the best, but, why not...
> The thing is i have a few requirements: i want applications that are
> not desktop-dependant (i.e. Gnome or KDE) and do not rely upon Java.

You haven't really said why you want to be desktop independent.  I 
happen to run KDE, but I run lots of GTK apps

So I happen to normally use kwrite, but I can just as easily use gedit.  
Both have nice syntax highlighting.  My IDE for javascript and php 
applications is Firebird under iceweasel (GTK app).

In a similar vein - kdevelop is quite a nice ide for C and C++ 
applications - I haven't used others for C and C++, but I have used 
eclipse on a java project.

I use git for source code management with all of them and the 
visualisation tool for that is gtk.

Alan Chandler

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