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Re: Intall etche on Windows Vista system with AMD64 processor

On Monday 09 June 2008 12:16:03 Ioannis Xydakis wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I am trying to install etche on a pc with an AMD64 processor that has
> already Windows Vista Premium (32bit) installed. I downloaded the ISO image
> of CD1 from Debian web site and wrote it to a CD as bootable.
How exactly did you burn the CD ? what were the steps you took ?

> After i restart the pc an try to install it, it drops me to a DOS prompt
> and to disk A:\..!! I don't have any floppy disk on my pc. My questions
> are: Can i install Debian AMD64 with Windows Vista? If yes...how, or what i
> do wrong?
I suspect you botched the CD burning process. Had it been done properly, the 
CD will launch the Debain Installer after it boots from the CD.


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