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Re: text file from Linux to windows.

Adrian Levi wrote:
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2008/5/30 Russell L. Harris :
I speak of the days of Fortran-II running on an IBM 1620.  Back then,
it often was necessary to load the compiler (another deck of punched
cards) before loading the application.

It must have been fun to watch someone play pickup 500 and put them
all back in order again.
Been there.  Done that.  Didn't get a T-shirt.

My final project for my Fortran class was a deck of about 750 cards by the time I finished. It did get dropped at least once and was probably about 500+ cards at the time. This was a bit later, in time -- mid 70's using Fortran IV and Fortran-G on an IBM 360.

Marc Shapiro

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