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Re: How do I get my Wintv PR USB2 card to work under Debian

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 10:25:04PM -0400, Norberto Feliberty wrote:

> Hi, I have a PVR USB2 tv card by Hauppauge and would like to know how
> do I enable this device in Debain. I am trying to wath tv with my
> card using vlc but when I try to open the tv card to watch tv, I get
> a message saying Unable to open 'pvr://' How to I check the kernel to
> see if it is enabled in the kernel. Thanks.

The mythtv wiki has a writeup about this device at: 

This would make a good starting point even if you don't intend to
install a full-blown myth setup.



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