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Re: [Kind of OT] Why's this look like gibberish to me? [bug 479702]

On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 07:09:44PM +0000, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> I'm cc-ing the bug report you have opened. Anybody who answers this bug
> should also read the thread that has followed the original message, as
> it contains many other useful details.
I hope I included the essential in the bugreport, but it doesn't hurt 

> > and the font I use is Terminus. I only see some dashes and spaces, but I 
> > guess there are some fonts missing. On the console I see dashes and 
> > diamonds. With xfce4-terminal and the Monospace font (I'm guessing it's 
> > actually DejaVu) I can see the characters correctly (as far as I can 
> > tell).
> Do you use use anti-aliasing (aa)?
I tried with and without. My default font (Terminus) does not need this 
and if I activate aa the font is switched to DejaVu.

> I've used mlterm for quite some time without the problems you mentioned.
> The problems seem, at first glance, as those of missing glyphs
> ("characters") in the font(s) you use.
The same font(s) used with xfce4-terminal display correctly. This is why 
I reported the bug against mlterm.

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