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Re: Most inexpensive debian friendly laserjet printer? total cost of ownership including laserink?

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 12:58:25AM -0400, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> I tend to print out a lot of documentation on the software for
> projects that I work on. Therefore I go through alot of laserjet
> cartidges on my postscript compatible hp laserjet 1200 printer.
> My latest cartridge just needs to be replaced again.
> I am tired of paying so much money for the new laser ink cartiridges
> each time.

Do you need laser-quality for anything but the final print?  I use a
non-ps (ghostscript and a printfilter take care of everything) Epson
LQ-2180 24-pin impact printer, wide platten.  Good quality wide-platten
printers are easier to come by on eBay than narrow-platten.  Mine cost
$100.  New it would cost $1000.  Epson told me that not much changes
between versions.  In fact, the MTBF doesn't change much.

The wide-platten ribbons last longer for the same number of characters
and don't cost much more than the narrow.  I think I paid $24 CDN for
the ribbon and its good for about 8,000 pages of plain type.

The printer has multiple paper paths: rear push, front push, top-front
push-pull, top-bottom pull, single-sheet front, single-sheet top.  You
can get sheet feeders for the top to use standard copier paper, or you
can get a roll paper holder.

Changing paper paths for those that support "parking" is as simple as
pushing a load/unload button, and moving a lever.  The paper will load
from the desired path automatically with the next job.

There is no paper waste between jobs; the printer has a tear-off button
which advances the paper for tear-off and then returns the paper to

The printer is capable of 360x360 but gs-gpl + apsfilter only does
360x180.  IIRC, gs-esp and foomatic-printfilter will do the 360x360.

I find the printer does about 6 pages per minute when doing ps


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