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Most inexpensive debian friendly laserjet printer? total cost of ownership including laserink?


I tend to print out a lot of documentation on the software for projects
that I work on. Therefore I go through alot of laserjet cartidges on my
postscript compatible hp laserjet 1200 printer.

My latest cartridge just needs to be replaced again.

I am tired of paying so much money for the new laser ink cartiridges each time.

I have read recently a wall street analyst say that 
'consumers are stupid - they buy printers by the cost of hardware
not total cost of ownership'.

are there any truly cheaper approaches? Can we buy a postscript laserprinter
that is not designed to use proprietary cartridges that we must
buy from the company at inflated prices?

Also while we are at it, any suggestions on what I can use
in place of gasoline in my car :)?


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