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Re: Clearing SWAP

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

If God had wanted Man to use multi-seat, He would have let it be
used with startx.

Absolutely true. However, an oversight in creation (which is eternal and constant) is providing VT's which each videocard. This causes a difficulty for using startx for any user except the first one.

A heretical notion perhaps...
I have three X sessions running on my box. All started with startx. Each user has an alias for startx that uses a specified VT. It makes no difference what order the sessions are started in, ech person gets a session on the same VT each time startx is invoked. That way I there is no confusion and my wife, daughter and I always know which terminal our session is on. We also all have different backgrounds so that we can see at a glance whose session is currently up.

Marc Shapiro

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