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Re: Clearing SWAP

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 05/01/08 16:55, Mike Bird wrote:
You have two gdm's, and xfce desktop, and a lot of KDE running.
You have several heavy applications running.  That's way more
than will fit comfortably in a gig of RAM.

Isn't that just pathetic?  Makes me want to shake my cane at some
young punk and rave about how WordStar on a KayPro IV was the last
good word processor...

If you can't quickly find a solution to those two xfce memory
hogs I would suggest dropping xfce and gdm, and using kdm.  You're

If God meant man to a display manager, he wouldn't have invented startx!

Eh? "If God meant a use for display managers, he wouldn't have revealed startx. Except for those of his special friends who use multi-seat Debian."


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