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Re: Canon EOS 400D and KDE

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On 04/29/08 11:34, Christer Oldhoff wrote:
> Hello Giorgos,
> On 2008-04-29, Giorgos D. Pallas wrote:
>> I have a problem importing the photos from my Canon EOS 400D. It seems 
>> that the OS (debian lenny) does not recognize the camera as a simple 
>> external storage but instead it tries to import the photos via a so 
>> called 'USB imaging interface'. This is at least what konqueror says. 
>> The problem is that photos are coming with a very very very small speed.
> Canon cameras do not make themselves accessible as USB-storage; You have to use
> software which knows their special camera interface to read out the photos, or
> put the card in a card reader.
> It is one of the (few) short-comings of their cameras people have been
> complaining about for years...
> Also, the transfer speed is quite low compared with taking the card out and
> using a card reader, even when using the software supplied by Canon on a Mac--I
> know it from personal experience.
> You can read about it here, for example:
> http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos400d/page12.asp
>> On the other side, I plugged the camera into my brother's laptop running 
>> ubuntu, which imported the photos quickly using F-Spot.
> F-Spot (and the 'USB imaging interface') must have special support integrated
> for Canon cameras.

I'm going to be that it uses the ITP protocol, which gphoto2
supports perfectly well.

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