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Re: encrypted swap causing me troubles on boot

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 04:01:22PM +0000, Zoho Vignochi wrote:
> Hello:
> I have one of the famous Eeepc's and I performed a hardware hack in order 
> to expand internal drive storage space. So I have the internal ssd card (/
> dev/sda) 4 GB and a usb stick soldered to one of the usb ports and held 
> internally (/dev/sdb) 32 GB. 
> So I used lvm to install. I have a boot partition /dev/sda1 which is 255M 
> (a bit overkill I know) and the rest of sda is formatted for lvm with the 
> volume group "system" which contains a root, usr, var partitions.
> On /dev/sdb I set up a volume group "data" which contains swap, tmp, home 
> all on encrypted lvm. 
> The problem is that during the boot process uswsusp wants to access the 
> swap partition to resume from but the crypto device is not yet available. 
> Is there a kernel commandline option to mount the crypto device earlier? 
> I suppose I will have to make a device node in /dev/.static/dev becuase 
> it needs to mount before udev starts. Is this correct?

I do this, though not on lvm. I have written a little script that
unencrypts the swap partition and I've put that script into the initrd
so that it runs before  uswsusp tries to start up. It mounts and reads
a key from my sd card and uses that key to unlock the swap partition. 

Essentially, you need to activate the encryption and lvm early on,
though I don't think you need a static device node to do it. you need
dev-mapper up, but I think it comes up really early and shouldn't be a

If you need more details, I can send you my scripts later when I'm on
my laptop.


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